Friday, December 3, 2010

Speculations on Human Cloning

When scientists discovered stem cells, the possibility of cloning humans arose. Yet, with this, much speculations also came up.

For example, there is the speculation that mad scientists will create hordes of mindless super soldiers. Or that a madman like Hitler will be cloned to lead another Reich. Or that cloned babies would be more susceptible to diseases. Or that cloned humans won't be able to find their place in society. There are more, but we wouldn't want to dwell on mere speculations.

The fact is, stem cells have the capacity to grow into new cells that could replace bad cells that cause cancer or other diseases. Thus, there is a need to allow science to continue its research into stem cells. If they are able to heal, then this would be good news for many people who are afflicted with terminal diseases. Even now stem cell therapy is being employed to do such although in an experimental basis.

Too many promising lives have been ended by disease because there has been no cure for the disease. Perhaps stem cell therapy may just be the answer. If you think this is also speculation, all the more research must continue.

So that speculation can turn into fact.

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