Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Human Race Awaits

Last week I spoke at a seminar for young professionals that revolved around the subject of success. It had nothing to do with human cloning, but I took the opportunity during the breaks to ask a number of participants on what they thought of human cloning and stem cell therapy.

I was surprised that a majority had little knowledge about both. One even answered me by saying, "Yeah, I saw the Mike Myers movie. It isn't that funny."

Neither is the fact that so many people don't know about the remarkable scientific breakthroughs of stem cell research. So it's no wonder their first digs at this biotechnology come from science fiction and extremists.

This is why we organized the Human Cloning Foundation and put up its website at We've endeavored to explain what human cloning is and where stem cell research may lead to without the hysterics.

Many of the essays there were written by ordinary folk who support human cloning, because they've seen the benefits, which are happening at present.

Thus, science must continue its research. Nothing must impede her.

The human race awaits.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Roaring Ahead

Bob Lanza, chief scientist at Advanced Cell Technology, had this to say about stem cell therapies: "Some time in the future, perhaps in the lifetime of most of your readers, you'll get in an accident and lose a kidney and they will take a skin cell and just grow you up a new organ. That field is just roaring ahead."

Advanced Cell Technology was cleared in November by the US Food and Drug Administration to begin testing a therapy derived from embryonic stem cells to treat a rare form of blindness that strikes in childhood, known as Stargardt's disease.

Almost every week we hear about stem cell therapies being responsible for curing diseases in both humans and animals. Only recently did we hear of a man cured of HIV and leukemia in Berlin, Germany. Of course there have been setbacks as well, but this is why more research must be done, especially with embryonic stem cells.

But the benefits are now being seen and they are increasing. Hope is no longer a flickering light, but a steady beam shining ever brighter. And the source is stem cell research.

Let it roar ahead, indeed!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Support Human Cloning

Support Human Cloning technology and stem cell research.

Today were are working on the website, blogger, and twitter accounts in order to promote public awareness about human cloning technology and stem cell research.

Human cloning may save your life someday with a new organ for transplant or by new technology to regenerate aged or damaged tissues.