Sunday, July 25, 2010

Human Cloning Discussion

Quote from a blog:

QUOTE: Here is a scenario: The two women walk into a Catholic Hospital and announce that one of them is 3 months pregnant as the result of a cloning experiment with the other woman, the donor. One is a physician and the other a microbiologist. They have financed and implemented the cloning process thus far without involving anyone else. The pregnant physician tells the Mother Superior of the Order that operates the hospital, “There are people out there who think that human cloning is so horrible that they want to abort the baby—even by force if necessary. We have a 3 month old innocent fetus who has a moral right to live. Please help us manage the pregnancy and protect an innocent life.” I would predict that there is no way where that hospital is not going to do everything in their power to bring the baby to term in the healthiest way possible. UNQUOTE