Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cloning Education A Must

It is a fact that media plays a vital role in formulating the thinking of people. But media hardly goes to the average man on the street for what he thinks about topics that impact his life. Media usually goes to the famous or the influential. Being famous and influential doesn't necessarily mean being right.

Take human cloning as a topic for example. Religious leaders, being influential, would readily condemn human cloning for various reasons that have no scientific basis. Religious leaders would base their opinion on emotion and hellfire. Their followers, not knowing any better, will concur like mice to the Pied Piper.

World leaders, on the other hand, would condemn human cloning because they would rather not cross religious leaders, not knowing any better. Thus, people have a negative connotation about human cloning that is fostered by media.

Yet, human cloning is not the first scientific theory that has been given a bad rap. In-vitro fertilization, heart transplants, and even transfusions were first condemned. Medical science, however, has proven that these procedures save countless of human beings today.

Alongside scientific research must then be the education of the masses. It starts with pointing people to the right sources. The Internet, for example, holds many websites that are in favor of human cloning. Most, if not all, these sites base their content on current scientific studies and not speculation.

There are books out in the market advocating human cloning. These too are mostly based on current scientific research.

Again, we should not look at human cloning with mere speculation. Human cloning is not about playing God; it's not about killing babies; it's not about creating custom made human beings.

Human cloning is about valuing life.

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