Friday, May 14, 2010

Human Cloning Questions

I have recieved an e-mail I would like your assitance with. If you would like please take your time and answer the following questions, you can answer them on the board or e-mail me and we can discuss them. They are very good topics concerning human cloning. Thank you.

1. What effect(s) could cloning have on our society

2. How could cloning work in our world today?

3. When did cloning experiments start? Animal and Human.

4. Is it possible to clone specific body parts such as a heart, liver, or a kidney?

5. Why are the statistics of having a successful clone not high? Why do the clones die so soon?

6. What is the most important problem facing cloning today?

7. Why do you think cloning is such a sensitive topic and people are unsure about it?

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