Friday, October 16, 2009

Extinct Animal has been cloned

National Geographic reported that an extinct animal was cloned and the findings were reported in 2009 in the journal Theriogenology.

Reportedly, the clone was born alive but died soon after birth.

The scientists cloned a bucardo, or Pyrenean ibex, which went extinct in 2000. The scientists had apparently stored tissue from the species before it went extinct.

The story appeared on the Internet here:

The scientists feel that with more research into animal cloning they will be able to successfully clone this extinct species with time.

This is good news for genetic diversity and good news for the future of human cloning as well.

The more research that is done, the sooner the obstacles to human cloning will be resolved. One day, using human cloning technology, livers, kidneys, and hearts will be created in the laboratory to save lives without the fear of rejection of foreign DNA which happens now.

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